From recycled rubber

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Related services

  • Belt cutting with plotter
    Do you need to cut surface material – rubbers, boards from recycled rubber ELASTON, PVC-foils, washers under solar panels, rubber and PVC-conveyor belts?
    The cutting is performed manually by means of modern tools, therefore the minimum amounts of required belts are not limited.

  • Rubber and cross section adhesion
    We perform adhesion and bonding of sealing rubbers, silicone, foam polyurethanes.
    Gumex adhesion shop provides preliminary calculation of the required job order, advisory, and adhesion.
    Final product is very flexible, maintains full connection compression rate.
    Test the quality of our connection!
  • Shape cutting by water jet
    Do you need to cut extremely resistant or problematically material?
    We know the solution: WATER JET CUTTING.
    Divided material is not power loaded. The cutting edge is not heat affected, always a cold cut.
    This fact is very important and decisive for the differentiation of water jet from other technologies for material division, especially laser and micro-plasma.

  • Shape cutting on digital plotter
    Are you interested in accurate and fast sealing cutting in CNC machine?
    Use the cutting method to achieve shape demanding sealing, but the production of the cutting knife will not be required, the metal forms or more expensive cutting methods – water jet.
    You can safe money and time and get information from our production specialists as regards the service!