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Belt cutting with plotter

Dear Customers,

we can cut belts from rubber, recycled rubber, PVC foil and also rubber and PVC conveyor belts.

Technical data:
Maximum width of cut material = 1700mm
Minimum width of cut material = 5 mm
Cut tolerance = +/-1mm depending on the rubber hardness and thickness (in rubbers with hardness over 60°Sh the cut tolerance is +/-2mm)
Micro-porous rubbers can be cut up to thickness 30mm.
Minimum thickness of the cut materials = 2 to 4mm (as per the material hardness)
Maximum thickness of the cut materials = 15 až 20mm (as per the material hardness)

We have available also a smaller cutter for cutting belts in minimum belt thickness 5mm at maximum material strength 8mm.

The main advantages of our service:
- unlimited length of the cut material
- clean cut- lower price considering the water jet cutting
- speed

If you require cutting your own material, we must perform first test cutting on a sample supplied.   After the testing we will process a price offer for the service required.

Contact persons for this service:

Company head office Strážnice: Mr. Pavel Měšťánek, E-mail:

Head office Praha: Mr. Petr Boháč,

Head office Brno: Ms Hana Pecková, E-mail:

Do not hesitate and try "the cuts" from our assembler – it is worth it!