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Fitting conveyor belts with carriers, guiding wedges, and buckets

Dear Customers,
Additionally to direct conveyor and elevator belts, we offer auxiliary services, including:
- carrier welding
- guiding wedge welding  (specified for the security of the belts guiding – we fit them on the lower belt side): It is also possible to weld them on the bearing side, similarly to the carriers or as the side line.
- perforation and assembly of the buckets to the elevator conveyors

Carriers, wedges, and buckets must be fitted to the belt as per the pattern or the drawing delivered by mail or in person.
Please, make sure you know the wedge dimension and the position for the belt location.

Contact persons for this  service:

Company head office Strážnice: Mr. Pavel Měšťánek, E-mail:

Head office Praha: Mr. Petr Boháč: