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Installation of a Foil Strip Door

Dear Customers

It is desirable to prevent heat losses and/or cold losses (from industrial refrigerators) mainly in order to achieve financial savings.
We know that it is easy to order foil strip doors. However, their installation is more demanding.

1/ For those of you, who are able to install them on your own, we offer the following:

-cutting of foils to the required length;
-fixation of individual strips to ports using rivets or bolts;
-shortening of port holder to the required length.
“Simply” install the prepared holders to the required place and then hang the foil strips prepared by us onto the fitted ports.

2/ Foil strip doors are also supplied as a whole, “turn-key”, installation to your premises included:

Prior to installation, our technician measures your premises and then he/she prepares each part for installation (see item No. 1) and performs the installation.

Our recommendation:
For areas where it is not desirable to pass through the foil strips by handling equipment (e.g. transportation of fragile components), using of a rail is recommended.
The foil strip door, thanks to the travel in the rails, is used only when requested.

Did you know that:
- foil strip doors increase occupational safety (e.g. when reflective strips are used)?
- they improve thermal comfort in the premises?
- they prevent access of undesired insects?
- and the main advantage consists in heat savings?


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