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Shape cutting by water jet

Dear Customers,
The cutting principle is based on water compression to the highest pressure (within 50-400 MPa = 500-4000 bar).

During processing the soft materials, we use a clean water jet, for other cases we use abrasion jet (hydro-abrasion jet). A suitable admixture is for example garnet – abrasion substance selected as per the hardness of the cut material. The movement of the cutting head and the whole route is controlled as per the pre-specified program. We create cuts during one operation, including complicated shapes.

Standard cut accuracy is +/-0.2 mm /m.

Materials we can cut with water or abrasion jet.
All natural or artificial materials not damaged by direct contact with water:
• All types of steel including stainless steel instrument, tempered, spring. HARDOX, BRINAR, ALTRIX etc.
• Copper, aluminium, dural, brass, bronze, and all other metals and alloys
• Industrial, advertising, and other plastic materials including layered material etc.
• Glass clear, coloured, bonded, multilayer (bulletproof) or otherwise treated with the exception of tampered glass
• Granite, marble, and other natural or artificial stones, grinding stones on SiC base
• Ceramics, porcelain including glazed or alloy boards

What are the benefits of this cutting type compared with other types?
• Metals: The division of all metal board types by cold cutting takes place without micro-cracks in thicknesses from foils up to 200 mm.
• Stone: Division of granite, marble, and artificial stone with accuracy 0.2 mm in any cut curves is achieved without micro-stretching in the machining quality of diamond tools
• Glass: Glass division with water jet with abrasives free from tool intervention prevents the glass surface and cut edge damage. During mirror cutting and bonded glass, the steamed film or adhesive is not interrupted
• Soft materials: The division of soft materials by water jet (carpets, foam, leather, plastic glass, plywood, laminates, cardboard, PVC foil…)
Tips from our production practise: After cutting with water jet, partial mist in the metal materials is prevented, enabling better machining and preventing tool blunting (as in flame metal cutting). The metal does not require further quenching.

We are experienced also as regards the noise prevention boards!
What is the advantage of selecting the material cutting by means of water jet?
The machines for water cutting cut accurately with clean edges, which enables the parts folding closely together with minimum waste – this principle will safe costs and increase the material use. Minimum gaps between the products are 3 -5 mm.

In some cases it is possible to use a ‘joint cut’ for two parts at the same time. Limiting is only the restriction resulting from the round jet cross section and the solidity of the cut material – it must carry itself.

It includes ecological production – free from emissions.
Our specialized workplace (placed in the company head office – in Strážnice) comprises of high pressure pump and CNC desk.
The cutting desk surface is 1515 x 3280mm.
We can achieve relatively great precision (±0,2mm/m) and high quality of the semi-finished product (often without required further processing).
Cutting joint width: 0.5 - 1.5 mm

Since the  process is computer controlled, a suitable base for the job order includes files delivered in format:
DXF, DWG, PDF or JPG, or at least drawing (delivered by mail or in person).

Application of products cut with water jet:
- in machinery
-in construction (during the manufacture of staircases, beams, covers)
-in advertising
-in electro-technology
-in light industry
-during the design of interiors and exteriors (ornaments from tiling, company logos fixed horizontally and vertically)

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